Episode 7

The High ROI of Email Marketing for Podcasters

My top 3 reasons why you should definitely consider email marketing as an effective method to grow your podcast audience.

1) Strengthen the Relationship Between You and Your Listeners

2) Convert Subscribers to Listeners

3) Share Additional Content with Your Subscribers

Each week, one of The Circle of Experts talks about critical aspects of growing your podcast. We focus on marketing, social media, monetization, website design, and implementation of all of these to help you make the best podcast possible.

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The Circle of Experts are:

Yasmine Robles from Robles Designs

Tonnisha English-Amamoo of TJE Communications

Don The Idea Guy

Brett Johnson, My Podcast Guy, from Circle270Media Podcast Consultants

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Welcome to the Circle Sessions featuring The Circle of Experts. The Circle of Experts are Yasmine Robles from Robles Designs. Tonnisha English Amamoo of TJE Communications. And Don the Idea Guy. I'm, um, Brett Johnson from Circle 207 Media Podcast Consultants.

Each week, one of The Circle of Experts joins me to talk about critical aspects of growing your podcast. We focus on marketing, social media monetization and website design and the implementation of all of these.

This week, I am solo and I want to take a look at the high return on investment of email marketing for podcasters. Now, email marketing has the highest return on investment when compared to all of the available marketing channels to you as a podcaster. Now this is according to Campaign Monitor, and here are a couple of simple reasons to support why this should be happening. First up, emails are still the most direct route we have available when it comes to reaching people. Plus, emails outperform social media channels as emails allow you to deliver more value rich personalized content to your readers and emails allow you to own your marketing channel, you aren't relied on the latest algorithm a social media platform starts to implement. Here are my three reasons why you should definitely consider email marketing as an effective method to grow your podcast audience.

Number one, strengthen the relationship between you and your listeners. One, um, of the reasons why podcasts are so great is that there is a unique bond that forms between you, the host and your audience. But however intimate it may feel, your podcast is really a one way conversation. Through your email newsletter, you can create a space for a two way conversation to take place, ask questions, gain insight, or as a way for your listeners to give you input.

Number two, convert subscribers to listeners. As a podcast host as well as a listener, you're very aware of the power of a strong call to action in a podcast episode. And another way to help to grow your podcast audience through email marketing is to include a call to action in your newsletters. This call to action should be something that provides motivation for your readers to subscribe to your podcast, like, uh, feedback for your podcast and then shout out to them on your podcast. Nothing like stroking your listeners ego and getting them excited to share that episode with others.

Number three, share additional content with your subscribers. Email newsletters are a great way for you as a podcaster to provide an outlet for all of your ideas. While some of those ideas are fantastic ideas on their own, they may not be aligned with your podcast core topic. It might be just something that will make for an extremely effective email. This is also a great way to get people signing up for your mailing list to get content from you that isn't on the podcast, social media or even on your blog.

Want to talk more about email Strategy? Sign up for some time with me at www.mypodcastguy.com and we'll talk strategy. Also, while you're on the website, sign up for my free weekly My Podcast Guide newsletter. Everything about Podcasting, packaged in one weekly newsletter marketing monetization, Podcast news, social media and new Podcast recommendations. www.mypodcastguy.com.

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